Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trying something new: From the point of view of the DOG - Being spayed ~Zenzi

Zenzi here.  Just wanted to let you all know I'm alive... barely.

Yesterday started off like any other day.  We walked, we played a little, it was totally fine.  Then Mom put me and big sis JoJo into her car without breakfast.  - Where are we going for training? - I wondered, sure that's why we had been neglected the morning meal.

We pulled into the parking lot at the V-E-T's (whatever that is, I don't care for it much!).  I was really scared.  There's this guy who works there, he has a thick, black goatee.  He's never been mean to me, but I don't know, he kinda reminds me of a grizzly bear.  I'm suspicious.  Anyway, big sis JoJo waltzes right in like it's no big deal.  I sat my butt down on the cement just outside the door.  - Uh uh.  I'm not going in there! - I thought loudly.  I even pulled at my leash, but Mom beckoned me in, so I obliged her.


The goatee man tried to take me into the back room where they drew my blood last week. - No thank you! - I thought as I planted myself.  Mom took the leash, and I felt a bit better knowing she'd be with me, so I walked politely, like I know how to do.  Next thing I know, goatee man points into a large kennel, and Mom locks me in as big sis JoJo walks off with goatee man through a door to another room.  The tall guy, I think he's the leader of the V-E-T, starts talking to Mom.  She seems a little nervous, but she's not obviously upset in anyway.  Then do you know what happened?


I was in this crate thing for hours.  Just sitting there, hungry, thirsty, watching the action.  Everything before the "spay" as my Mom calls it is kind of a blur now.  I got an IV that gave me fluids and helped me not be thirsty.  Then I got some sleepy medicine, and all I remember is waking up, back in my kennel.  I was really loopy, but there was a nice person there with my bunny toy.  That was nice of them.  I felt safer having my bunny toy with me.  It smelled like home, like my brother Dolce (who always tries and FAILS to steal it from me... hah!), like Mom...

Eventually, Mom remembered us and came back for us.  I was really happy to see her, but I couldn't show her like I usually do.  I had this terrible pain in my belly.  Whatever happened while I was asleep, it hurts a lot!  Stupid humans.  What did I do to deserve this?  Big sis JoJo acted like it was no big deal, but she had a similar patch on her front leg like I had on mine.  Something happened to her, too.  That she wasn't so upset about it made me feel better about whatever happened to me.  JoJo is so strong, she acts like it doesn't even hurt!  Though she says they messed with her teeth and they feel all clean now, they didn't cut her belly open and sew it shut.

So yeah.  I've been "spayed."  I'm coping as best I can.  I still love food, which apparently, is a good sign.  Mom always gets a big smile when I eat.  Duh! Mom, I always like to eat.  Don't ya know by now?  I try to lick my wound, but Mom tells me "Leave it."  She's pretty firm about it, but... it hurts so bad!  After I eat, this food must be super amazing, because I feel better for a little while, and then I get another boost at the next meal.  That's awesome!  Some relief from the pain.

This isn't, like, permanent, is it?  That would suck.  I like running, jumping, playing fetch... definitely not up for those things with this cut in my belly.

I'll let you know if I'm still alive in a few days.  The humans put this stupid cone thing around my neck.  It blocked me from getting at my cut, but hey, I'm smart.  I just pulled the damn thing, collar and all, off over my head.  It kind hurt, but I think I broke it so it went eventually.  Mom has one of her T shirts on me now.  I like that it smells like her, but I can't get at my cut!  Ugh.  I have a smart Mom, but I'm smarter...

Stay tuned...