Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My New Collar ~Zenzi

So, remember how I said I outsmarted my Mom on that evil Elizabethan collar, broke it, and made it unusable?  Well, I conquered the T-shirt, too!  What do you know, all I had to do was bite the thing and pull it upwards to reveal the incision beneath.  Nothing will stop me from licking my incision now.  Ahahahaha!

But wait, what is this?

Ah!  A new contraption!

Hey, this isn't so bad to live with... I can't quite reach, but I'll live.

I think it makes my head look big, what do you all think?  At least now I can eat, drink, move around, and snuggle without that torture device on my head.  I was a brave girl listening to the 'velcro' being ripped apart as my Mom adjusted it to fit me.  I knew she wouldn't do anything to hurt me, so I just laid there, looking into her eyes.

Maybe this is defeat-able, too, if only I have enough time to think...

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