Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Introductions ~JoJo

Howdy, everybody! :)

I know I'm late to join the party.  My apologies for my tardiness, but what a wonderful day!  It's so sunny, warm, and relaxing here.

The youngsters have already mentioned me here and there.  That's fine.  I just wanted to let you know a bit about me, and they can carry on.

I was born to a track in a state called Alabama as Phoney Jonie.  I was a terrible racer, had absolutely no interest in competing whatsoever.  World peace is my greatest wish.  I finished 7th out of 8 dogs in my first race, then 7th again in my second race, and the 8th dog had even less interest than I did -- he didn't bother to run at all.

From the track, I was rescued, transported to a state called Michigan, and put in a foster home for a rescue group called REGAP, where I got the nickname, JoJo.  I really enjoyed snuggling with my foster Mom and my foster pals.  We all got along great!  I was adopted about 6 months later by a nice young couple.  I had decent food, a home, family... it was great!  When my human parents stopped getting along, though, my Mom had to give me back to the foster mom.  I didn't mind too much, just tried to make sure everyone was okay.

A few months after that, I was five-years-old by this time, my real Mom came and met me.  I loved how she smelled, and I leaned into her to let her know how much I appreciated the hip scritches!  Her nails are nice and short, so it doesn't hurt my sensitive skin to get really deep ones. ;)

My Mom has taken me to lots of places.  We lived at a house and an apartment in Michigan for a while, and when we were at the apartment, I got to roam in this beautiful dog park.  I loved meeting everybody human and canine alike, but what I really loved was exploring nature!  If a fight broke out, I made sure to interrupt it so everyone could just get along.  Dudes, seriously, life is too short.  Make love not war.

A couple years ago, Mom moved to a state called California to live with my new Dad.  I miss my Mom 2 and first Dad, as well as the fenced in yard they made for me and my sister, Kibeth (RIP), but I do NOT miss the winter.  No flowers to smell, no warm grass to lie in.  Definitely not as good as it is here!  I've walked in the ocean, run in the sand, and even broken up a few fights at the dog parks here; though we don't tend to visit those as often here anymore.  So much anger and hate from the people and the dogs, it's just not a good place to be and fill yourself with peace and happiness.

My favorite things include:  lying in the sun, eating breakfast and dinner, getting treats, playing with my little sister, Zenzi, and going for walks in the local parks.

I'm nine-years-old now, and I can tell that life is a slower pace at this age.  I really like to just nap in my soft, warm bed all day long.  Sure, I emerge for walks and meals, maybe to say hi to the family here and there, spread the love... you know?

Wishing you all love, peace, and happiness!

P.S.  Some of you were worried about me and my dental procedure on Monday.  I'm fine, but thanks for the good vibes!  I could feel the love all the way. ;)

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