Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Things in Zenzi Land

Well, Zenzi's 4 new titles came and made a pretty addition to her collection. :)
Anasazi Dream Catcher, AKA Zenzi NTD, ITD, BB, BN, BI

Zenzi turned 6 months old on the 6th (!!) and so gets spayed and microchipped tomorrow.  Hopefully it's not too traumatizing for the little girl!  She's been so much braver in public lately.  She's getting over her stranger danger warnings nicely.

JoJo will be there to keep Zenzi company.  She's overdue for a dental.

Zenzi starts Puppy Sport class tomorrow, but obviously, will not be present for the first class.  Unfortunately scheduling conflicts with the spay prevented her from attending, but I will be there.  The trainer has kindly offered one of her MACH dogs for me to work!  I'm so honored!  We'll be attending a Control Unleashed workshop with this trainer for Dolce on the 17th.

[BTW, we have 2 new additions to the house!  Budgies AKA Parakeets, two of them, have made their way into our lives and we're really enjoying their cheerful song and beautiful colors.  I'll be starting a blog for them shortly!]

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