Tuesday, February 12, 2013


How do you do?  It is Dolce here, please allow me to welcome you to our blog!  For the most part, I believe we have been candidly introduced.  Onto the discussion.

Now that Mum is allowing us all a turn at writing, I have a few things to say, if you wouldn't mind.  Primarily, I would like to remind everyone that although I am now the middle child and no longer the baby, I am still present and accounted for, ready for duty.

I like to think of myself as the helpful sort.  I make me Mum feel better if she's anxious, nervous, or upset in anyway.  How do I do it, you ask?  Well, 'tis simple, really.  I've discovered, through trial and error and my own creativity, that her mood improves remarkably with these human displays of affection called 'hugs and kisses.'  These aren't too terribly difficult to replicate from similar behaviors in dog behavior, really.  Kisses are more how we clean and groom ourselves -- but hey, whatever works!  Hugs are generally an invitation of play; play is something you do with a friend, so I suppose it's not too far to reach that hugs can be comforting as well.  Humans are a bit backwards, after all.  Have you noticed they only walk on two feet?  But I digress.

Mum has trained me to perform over 30 different tricks.  I have what she refers to as 'titles' in the Trick department, and proudly display them in my folder.  I am an Advanced Trick Dog, but am eagerly awaiting the time for Mum to explain just exactly what I must do to become an Expert Trick Dog.  Once this prestigious title is claimed, I may then be crowned a Champion!  Ooooh, how exciting does that sound?  I don't mean to boast, but it would be a grand achievement for a dog like me.

You see, before me Mum rescued me, I was kept in a yard all day and all night for a year with my previous owners.  Nobody bothered to teach me anything, and I didn't even realize there could be such a thing as house manners!  Please forgive me, it's not my fault -- you see, I was never allowed in the house prior to where I live now.  When I first set eyes on me Mum, I'd already been in several kennels at different shelters.  I barked at my owners' fence line, and had been abandoned to these cold, hard, small, lonely places.  Me Dad saw me first, and me Mum got me out for a walk.  How I loved to be free of the kennel, but how big and scary the world was!  There were people all about, walking dogs, running, yelling, talking to each other.  Why did they stand still?  Were they looking to hurt me?  Why did they run so fast?  Were they afraid of something I hadn't yet seen?  I hid under the 'picnic tables' just to be safe, but I felt safest sitting beside me Mum.  I leaned into her, feeling her warmth spread into my lonely heart.  She left me there that day, and I thought I'd never see her again.  The pain was awful.  But a few days later, she was back, and I got to go to a real home.

I learned house manners, I got to play with my family, I got to go for walks, runs, hikes.  They helped me overcome my fear of strangers, though I still find them scarily suspicious in the dark - Why, sir, are you wandering about this late at night? - On the other hand, this past Sunday, I met a delightful woman about Mum's age who taught me to put my paws on her arm.  I am well-versed in clicker training, and I do believe I made a good go of it.  Then she requested I put my head through my arms and under hers.  Very strange request, this human made.  I did my best to obey her, I am rather flexible and agile, you know.  She seemed to enjoy my presence, praised my intelligence, so I offered her some kisses as I do me Mum.  She seemed to appreciate them, too!  I must be a good kisser.

I wish I could overcome this one last hurdle.  I do love me Mum so much and I know she wishes I felt differently, but strange dogs are dangerous and so scary; I just cannot fathom accepting their presence in peace.  Surely me Mum doesn't realize the extremely dangerous nature of some of my brethren?  I am just a wee thing, very thin and light.  Surely I'd be no match in a fight, should worse come to worst.

Me Mum has begun training me in agility with a woman I've never met before, nor has Mum.  We have lots of fun doing the exercises, though, and I, for one, am looking forward to learning more!  I got started on it with a kind woman from San Diego, I even got to meet and greet her three grand dogs.  It took some work for me to be comfortable in their presence, but I felt reassured by this new woman.  She certainly speaks dog.

Oh, and I must tell you of my wife!  I have a beloved Auntie Pam who is the owner of Lily, my wife.  Lily is always wearing her wedding dress, just as I am always dressed in a tuxedo!  Surely we are a match made in heaven.  It was not always so... I was afraid of her, and she seemed offended by me, but it wasn't long before my charms swayed her, and we've been best friends ever since.  I don't get to see my dearly beloved very often, but when I do, I am a real gentleman.  I kiss politely, respect her wishes, and cater to her mood.  Surely a gentleman should know to do such things.

So I bid you all goodnight, and look forward to updating you in my adventures.  I am proud to announce, for the first time publicly, that I am my father's favorite.

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