Saturday, January 8, 2011

CGC Certification

Well, here's my plan...

I can't afford formal training classes right now.  At least not until summer.  I've got to just suck it up, and do this myself.  Rick will be my assistant/co-trainer.  I'm going to be the "wonder trainer" who uses the knowledge she's acquired from her various books, articles, online readings, and generous outside personal expertise to compete her greyhounds in obedience and (hopefully) agility.

Step 1.  Become CGC certified for both hounds.

I will be pursuing the training required to pass the CGC test for the immediate future.  Stay tuned for daily reports on our training!  My goal is to take the test at the end of February.  That's about 7 weeks.  We've got most of the basic training and manners, just not reliable with distractions of any kind.

Tools:  clicker, squeaky/squawky stuffies, treats, squawker, praise.  I'll try to have a video up every Sunday (not tomorrow -- too soon) and feel free to offer suggestions!

Thanks for reading...


  1. Passing the CGC isn't too tough as long as your dogs aren't nutcases. Make sure your sits and downs are reliable and that they can control their social butterfly instincts when meeting other dogs. We had to pass the CGC when getting our therapy certification. Basic obedience and manners are pretty much all it is.

  2. Yeah, a friend of mine certifies people in Michigan. I know it's not too hard, but they're very... um... independent thinkers. ;-)

  3. Just saw you over at Coffee with a Canine...

    Good for you- good luck with your training!

  4. The "reaction to distraction" part is the dog's REACTION - like, she shouldn't want to run away from a metal buckt dropping to the ground; and if they do, then they should recover quickly and focus on you.

    You guys could take it tomorrow and pass.

  5. The CGC isn't too tough and is a good way to start training your dog. Make sure you have good dog attention and you can quickly recover your dog when distractions happen.

    I just realized you are down in Irvine California. Hope to some day see in the agility ring although I am mostly up here in Northern California. If I knew there would be another greyhound competing I would consider entering and driving down there. One of Lyric's puppies-Becca is down in Southern California. Who knows maybe you will meet her in the obedience or rally ring!

  6. Thanks! I hope so, too! (to all of the above!!!)