Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dog Beach Pic Spam ;-)

So, I crossed something off my bucket list yesterday.  Rick, Kibeth, JoJo and I went to the Huntington Beach Dog Beach and had a blast.

 Here we are, walking by the water!  Kibeth is a water dog.
 I think it's super cute how they're in step almost.
 You can see our footprints.
 Haha:  JoJo was afraid of those evil white waves!

 Greyhound footprints!
 Beautiful day.
 Happy pupz. 
 You cannot get that girl out of the water.
 This beach stretches on for miles in either direction.  It's wonderful.
 A good run!  We did go off-leash eventually, briefly.
Kibeth is flying!  JoJo is being a goof again. ;-)


  1. I love going to the beach with our hounds, but it's a long way from us. Your pictures are great and I'm glad you and the dogs had so much fun!

  2. I loved it! It's only 20 mins away, too. Thx for the compliment. ;-)

  3. Hi,
    We enjoyed your interview with Coffee/Canine! Your dogs are gorgeous!
    So nice you have a beach for dogs to be off leash. But then it is California, plenty of beaches : )