Thursday, December 17, 2009


Had a clicker training session tonight!

JoJo:  come, sit, down, stay (whatever position), which hand has the treat?, bow reviewed.  Heel left & right, up (stand), & shake started/learned!  We'll continue to practice, but I actually think she speaks a little English?  She's NEVER done shake or heel before, and shake she did as though she's always known, and heel she did with just a little bit of luring.  I guess I have a genius dog?

Kibeth:  come, sit, down, sit stay, down stay, stand stay, heel left, shake, other paw reviewed.  Needs work on heel.

Thank God they both already walk well on a leash after about 10 minutes of freedom to pee/poo/sniff first.  It's nice to have that checked off my list beforehand.  They also both have an automatic recall when I say their name.  I did JoJo first, and locked Kibeth in my bedroom.  That went well, until we switched.  JoJo whined a few times, and sort of cried once or twice.  Kibeth actually seemed rather concerned when JoJo would make noise, it was very sweet to see!  I felt a few pangs of guilt, but I know it's good for them to have time alone with me.  JoJo thought that the treats just emerged from the clicker by the end of the session, so I let her give it a good inspection when we finished.  She was very thorough, but found no villainous treats within. =P

Now I have to get them to understand that every stranger dog/person is not their new bff and they are not exempted from a stay for such occasions.

I think I'll teach JoJo to lick my face and lay by my side when I'm having a panic attack.  She already nuzzles my hand if I reach down for some comfort/presence.  Eventually I want a trigger for her behavior to be any of my PA symptoms.

Overall, I'm very proud of my girls, and they're both geniuses!

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