Monday, December 14, 2009


Kibeth and JoJo and I have tried just about every high-quality kibble on the market, I think.  At least sampled it, if not used it at one time or another.  The results varied, but as I mentioned before, I like:
  • Wellness
  • Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul - Large Breed
  • Natural Balance
However, the vet bills with regard to their dental health are too staggering to be ignored, and neither of them enjoys putting up with daily toothbrushing and mouth rinsing.  The brushing has not been successful in delaying the inevitable gazillion $$ dental cleaning by much.  After hearing/reading all the benefits of raw, the possibility is now too good to ignore.

Understand, I don't even cook for myself.  I HATE cooking.  I'm also a huge animal rights activist, and I can't stand seeing a dead deer on the side of the road.  Handing my dogs dead poultry parts and someday organ meats is absolutely REVOLTING.  But, alas, I love my hounds and will do anything to keep them healthy and save myself a buck here and there (and hopefully, lotsa bucks on dentals!!!).

Their first excursion into raw involved a turkey neck for dessert last Thursday night.  Nomnom, Mom!  They were both a little hesitant at first, and figuring out exactly where to eat was a bit of an adventure of itself.  Shortly thereafter, everyone chose a spot and had something under them to, ughm, catch the droppings.  Both girls chowed down like champions.

I had peeked at their gums prior to giving the turkey necks.  As expected, Kibeth's tartar/plaque was a brownish color all over, and her gums were slightly enflamed.  JoJo doesn't get too much discoloration on her teeth, but her gums were red and puffy with gingivitis, and her problem-molars that have receded gum lines had a build up of gunk (that doesn't come off with brushing).  The effect post-neck was immediate.  Kibeth's teeth were less brown in several places, and JoJo's build up was worn smooth.  They have since had chicken wings with pumpkin and/or ground turkey with parsley.  Neither of them now have bad breath, when before, my Mom nicnamed the scent, "Dragon breath."

Problems:  Kibeth developed diarrhea and JoJo threw up some bones and got mucousy poop, then mild constipation.  Solution:  transition gradually.  For now, we'll do kibble for breakfast, RMB for dinner.  The only reason I'm dissatisfied with kibble is because of their dental health and constant dry, flaky skin.  Eventually, though, I would like to go all raw.  Machines needed:  processor, juicer, freezer.

By the way, training for JoJo to be my psychiatric service dog has begun, but that's another post for later.  I can still get another hour of sleep this morning...


  1. I didn't know you had a blog :-). Take pictures of their teeth now and then again in a month.... might be fun to see the improvement.


  2. I JUST made it and posted. :-) Between the help I've gotten from yours and a friend of mine's, I just had to start one myself.

    That's a good idea to take the pictures of their rotten mouths... lol. I'll look forward to the process, too.