Monday, December 21, 2009

Health Check

We went to the vet today for our annual appointment.  The girls got their updated shots, I renewed JoJo's Wellness Plan, talked to Hutch (Dr. Hutchinson) about raw, the and I got to ask a couple questions about JoJo's shaky back legs when sitting.

Kibeth & JoJo are in excellent health (except for their teeth, but more on that later) and at 60 pounds each.  They were 59 off the track, but they've lost some muscle mass, so that's OK.  Usually we'd expect them to be at 64 pounds.  Their teeth (even though I've stopped brushing) are BETTER than when he saw them about 5 months ago... YES!  2 weeks of raw RMBs for dinner reversed a higher exponential deterioration!

JoJo's scar may well be from barbed wire.  The other theory is that it's from being hit by a car, and that's also why her back end is trembling when she sits, and why she bows before going into a down.  There's also the possibility that she was injured on the track (though records only indicate 2 less than successful races) or something to do with being bred (her nipples are larger than Kibeth's).  I'll probably have X-Rays done of her hips while she's under for the dental coming up January 5th for both girls. Hopefully, with raw diet, this will be the last.

I have pictures from when Kibeth was 3.  I'm going to post them so you can see how black her face was back then.


  1. I love the teeth improvements! So how often are you vaccinating? Every 3 years is widely accepted now, but vets seem to forget to tell their clients. I'm only asking cause I know you are on a health kick with your guys.

  2. A lot of the vaccines (rabies included) are every 3 years with our vet. This was distemper and bordatella, I think...