Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've begun to notice how helpful blogs have the potential to be.  In the dog world, such things can be crucial bits of evidence into what works and what doesn't, what's good and bad, and what's true and what's false.  Gaining in experience, I feel like I have my own point of view and ideas to contribute; so in this blog, I will endeavor to convey these tid-bits as they arise.

First of all, greyhounds are trainable.  Second of all, nutrition IS important.  Third, greyhounds need jobs at home.  Fourth, owners must make a commitment to the health of their dogs:  psychological + physical.

Greyhounds like training.  You have to find their currency, but they enjoy it.  I've never met one who caught on to what training was all about via positive reward based training, and had them sulk for the rest of the time.  It always perks them up.  Their limitations, I believe, are strictly based on our creativity.

I've heard such horror stories about track life for greyhounds.  Greyhounds get thrown chunks of 4D meat at the track, or else a low-quality, bargain/bulk kibble that gives them lots of energy for racing.  No wonder they tend to come home with crappy mouths and skin problems.  Nutrition can help!  I've read and heard so much about raw and its benefits.  I'm starting to try it.  We're switching gradually.  However, I didn't have the stomach for it until recently.  I don't even cook for myself!  For those who feel similarly, remember to brush their teeth daily, have annual dentals, and feed food that doesn't aggravate the problem!  Foods, canned and kibble, that have fillers such as soy, corn, and excessive grains are NOT healthy, no matter how the company advertises!  By-products aren't something you'd ever consider eating, so why threaten to poison your dog with them?  To save a few bucks?  Well, all those bucks you save will end up in the vet's hands when your heart is aching for your pup's tragic condition years down the road.

I recommend:
  • Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul (CSDLS) Large Breed
  • Natural Balance
  • Wellness
  • The Honest Kitchen (various types of dehydrated raw)
  • BARF raw & prey model

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