Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zenzi's 2nd Day in Daycare

Well, I again dropped Zenzi off for Daycare yesterday at 10:30am.  I was much more relaxed, not so nervous.

Zenzi pulled me into the lobby.  She was clearly happy to be there.  She was a little apprehensive when a different lady took her from me to take her to Amanda.  I didn't have a chance to see her with Amanda being acclimated as I had to go to work, but I felt confident, given her success last week.

She was fabulous!  They said she adjusted in no time at all, and was able to join everyone else.  She spent the day mingling, being friendly and curious, but still not ready to play.  I was delighted to hear, when I called to check in on my lunch break, that Kristina, a trainer/daycare staff person, had introduced her fearfully shy sheltie.  Zenzi and the sheltie kept each other company. :) I found this really sweet, because in preschool, they always put me next to the shy ones.

When I picked her up at 5:30, Zenzi was again ecstatic to see me.  We have the best greetings:  kisses, hugs, kisses and hugs...  There was a man standing in the lobby waiting for his border collie, and he surprised her as he stared at us, so she gave him a few good barks.  I simply soothed those away, and she accepted his presence without issue after that.  (We're going to be going out a lot more from now on to make sure this man-reactivity thing is remedied.)

She is much more confident actually greeting people already.  I'm very glad of this, and look forward to future sessions!  We'll actually have to start working on a formal sit-to-greet... this paws up stuff is for kindergarteners. (For those who don't know, Paws Up is the trick I've employed to help Zenzi overcome any fears of stationary objects she's expressed -- she's volunteering it with people now.)

Here's her report card. :) Thanks for reading!

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