Sunday, January 20, 2013

Zenzi Graduates Puppy Class & Obedience 1! :)

Our last puppy class was a lot of fun.  We did some loose-leash walking and heel work outside, which Zenzi totally rocked.  Amanda put 4 piles (4-5 pieces each) of NB meat roll on the ground as a temptation.  Zenzi didn't even look, just stayed right with me. :) When I did point out to her that, oh by the way, you just ignored 20 pieces of puppy crack, she still did a solid Leave It.  Such a good puppy!  Puppy play tim was great, too.  Zenzi approached the other owners, the trainers, and didn't mind being sniffed.  Though she still thought play time should not be dog-dog.  Okay.

The Obedience class introduced heeling, and we totally rocked it.  Zenzi was SO GOOD.  We did several large circles in the middle of the room with our classmates on the perimeter, observing.  She never left my side to go investigate, and she stayed in position 99% of the time.  We definitely had the strongest Heel.

Graduation was:
Heel (sit at left side)
Sit to greet
Leave it - trainer was seated, had NB meat roll in her hands
Go to mat - a foreign mat
Stay while owner backs up 3 steps
Recall to owner
Touch their hand on arrival

We nailed it! :) So next week we start Obedience 2.

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