Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zenzi is 5 Months Old!

On January 6th, Zenzi had her 5-month birthday, and yesterday she turned 22 weeks.  She's growing up and looking good...

Her ears can't decide what to do, and I've been hemming and hawing over how to handle it.  I've decided I would really prefer her ears match.  I don't care what they do, up, down, somewhere in-between -- so long as it's the same on both sides.  So I've read up on all the ways to manipulate ears, and decided that this one is the least invasive, and follows her natural ear set the most anyway.  I ordered the glue and it's on its way.  Since she's older, I'm just going to do step 4 -- none of that yarn nonsense.

What are her favorite things in the whole wide world?  Fetch, tug and train.  She loves to retrieve, and she's quite good at it.  She's quite the avid tugger, and can't even refrain from leash tug on walks if things aren't exciting enough.  She also loves to work, figure things out, and learn.  Also high on the list is wrestling with Dolce. ;)

I took a few photos of the little monster last night.  She is teething at the moment, and has quite the toothy grin.  Her pearly whites coming in look humungous compared to her puppy teeth, but I'm quite relieved not to be left scratched in every encounter with those sharp utensils.

I am so happy that her front legs are starting to lengthen.

She is so proud of herself when she fetches.
It's even more adorable in person.

I am such a sucker for the head tilt. :)

I adore this photo, and am so proud of myself for getting it!

It's not nearly as intense in real life.
This is "Throw the ball!" face.

Sometimes, she is lady-like and sweet and just cute.

But we all know it's a joke. ;)
You can see her adult teeth down there!

As I mentioned before, we were introduced to dog trainer Chris Bach, and I have ordered her book, Training The Third Way's Comprehensive Reference Book, second ed.  I discovered her through my Tawzer Dog DVD rental subscription, and have put ALL of her materials in my queue.  I look forward to including her methods into our regime as we begin to seriously work on obedience and rally to pass our CGC and look into rally trials this year. :) By the way, we start our Obedience 2 class January 26th. 

I'm a little nervous... I'm putting Zenzi in daycare once a week to help with her socialization and to help keep her busy on my longest day (Tuesday).  We start today!  I've been assured that Amanda, our class instructor, will be with her for introductions to the group.  Zenzi will be behind a barrier (through which she can see all the other dogs) and made comfortable in her separate area before they bring in like-minded small dogs for introductions one at a time.  If she isn't overwhelmed, I'm sure she can be a social butterfly and have a ball playing with everyone.  I also hope this prevents any future dog reactivity issues like Dolce has.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have to admit, I sort of like the lopsided ears. They give her personality! But she's at that age where they can end up anywhere.

    1. It's purely a personal thing. They've been lopsided (switching sides) for quite some time now. I'm totally fine with the half-perked ear carriage, I just want them to match.

    2. Haha I know...I find it amusing how people are so particular about ears! I'm a weird one though. My only requirement is a TAIL. lol