Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dolce's Tricks

With this trick, Dolce finished his requirements for Advanced Trick Dog (ATD)!
You have to do 5 of the Advanced tricks to qualify, and we did:  hide your face/ashamed, scratch art, jump into my arms, treibball, and play dead.

Now we're moving on to Expert Trick Dog (ETD).  This is the final title required before going for Champion.  Our first task is getting me a water bottle from the cupboard (instead of get a soda from the fridge).

This video is after about 30 minutes of free shaping/capturing clicker training. My plan is to backchain, first teaching him to pick up the water bottle and let me take it from his mouth with my hand. We'll do it from farther and farther away.  Then I'll put a skinny rope on the cupboard door for him to pull it open, get the water bottle, bring it to me, and put it in my hands. This is REALLY hard for Dolce. He's not naturally a mouthy dog, he prefers to work with his paws. The idea of retrieve is also a completely foreign concept. Wish us luck! I think we made a lot of progress for one session! I'm very proud. I honestly didn't expect to get this far today, let alone the first session.