Thursday, July 5, 2012

But we already have a dog store in our house...

...My husband feels this way, and I'm hoping others can relate.

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to buying stuff and shopping for my dogs.

I have tried so much stuff, and mentioning in my last post that I just bought the Sens-ation harness is bringing on this post.

Dolce is an unusual shape, just like my greyhounds.  None of the usual harnesses fit them.  I could walk into PetCo, Pet Supply, and PetSmart, and NOTHING would fit them, as far as harnesses are concerned.  The only one that sort of fit was Halti's harness for Dolce.  Like I mentioned, I lost it.  However, nothing has fit my greyhounds, and JoJo HATES wearing a harness.

I got Kibeth Hurtta's Y-harness.  It helps her get up and down the stairs in her golden years, and is the only harness that seems to fit her relatively well.

But seriously, I have tried it all.  Every time something new comes up, I have to buy one, I have to try it. I'm the same way with violin strings.  My clients all appreciate this habit obsession of mine.  My checkbook... Not so much.

I got Dolce the super fancy Walkeez harness, which has fleece EVERYWHERE that the harness comes in contact with the dog's body, including the belly straps!  I was so excited to get him the cream of the crop of dog harnesses.  Unfortunately, his unusual shape causes the fleece around his belly to rotate behind the strap, and defeats the whole big benefit of this harness.  We still use it on hikes, but I'm really bummed.  I could sew it, but I'm no seamstress.

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