Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dolce's first pack walk!

So today at IDOGS, we had 2 pack walks on Hicks Canyon Trail:  the usual pack walk that occurs simultaneously during the working slots, and then a secondary one with the hugely improved working slot members:  Red, Zoey, Lily, AND...


Yes, you heard right.  Dolce went on the PACK WALK. He was a superstar.  He only snarked (very, very small outbursts) twice at Red, who has a very intense stare, is a male (we're learning Dolce prefers females), has puffy fur (a huge trigger, it seems), and was the largest dog of the group (just a cattle dog mix, but still.

Rick was kind enough to take this photo.  This gives you an idea of the proximity we all were to each other.

I am so proud of the little man.  In the moment, I almost cried happy tears.  This is such a long road, it's been over a year since we adopted him.  That's about a year's worth of work.  We are SO CLOSE.

Tricks of the trade:
  • Treat bag
  • High value treats
  • Low-Medium-High value treat trail/training mix
  • Halti head collar (to help him make a better decision, AKA look away, when he's unable to if life happens)
  • Spray Shield AKA butt blaster
We also went to Fashion Island Mall for some training there.  It's a dog-friendly mall.  Who knew dogs could go to Nordstrom's?  But yeah, they do!  He was spectacular.  Wasn't too upset with all the traffic for upcoming 4th of July shopping, and was very brave around the DOZENS of strange dogs about.

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