Sunday, September 8, 2013

RIP Kibeth - 1 Year Anniversary

Kibeth ~ 10/26/2002-9/8/12

September is a big month.  JoJo's birthday, my parents' anniversary, my Mom's birthday, my Mother-In-Law's birthday...

It's also the month that we helped end Kibeth's pain from lumbosacral stenosis.  Actually, on the same day as my parents' anniversary, one year ago today.

I still have her ashes.  I don't have a yard, but I have a beautiful place picked out where I'd like to "bury" her nearby at a local park.

I remember the good times.  How she would always bring me a toy when I walked in the door.  How she was one of the few greyhounds I've ever met who loved to tug.  How she detested snuggling, and would only tolerate it, because I asked her to.  How she hated car rides, and the only time she ever bit me (besides anytime I had to bandage a wound) was when it was time to had back to Ypsilanti for a school week from my parents' house.  I always loved winter time, because it would get chilly at night in the house, and Kibeth would come snuggle with me -- strictly for practical reasons, of course.  I miss her graceful zoomies in the backyard and at the dog park in Ann Arbor.  Her sweet, tender kisses.  The windmill tail she got when she was excited to play or was asking for dinner.  She loved everyone, but she definitely had an inner circle where her personality true shone through.

It took a couple years for her to come out of her shell from the Florida tracks, where she raced.  The first couple days after I adopted her, she literally slept ALL DAY.  I was bored to tears, eager to bond with her.  She taught me an important lesson in patience, and getting my ego out of the equation.  I had her from December of 2005 until she passed 9/8/12.  Nearly seven glorious years together with my first dog, my first greyhound.  Kibeth was never anyone other than herself.  She never did something just to please you, she always had an agenda.  I taught her how to sit in two weeks, by physically manipulating her back legs to help her body learn how a formal sit works.  After that, if I asked her to sit, but did not reward her with something material (tug, pink ball, or treat), she would follow me around to help me remember.

She had the most adorable expressions, the most wonderfully perked ears, the sweetest face.  She was my rock through a lot of change in my life, and I will never forget her unwavering support.  Had she been a human, I am quite sure she would have been a philosopher, explaining to all the humans why their lives are silly.

To Kibeth:  my friend, my confidante, my rock.
Kibeth and me on our last day together in this world.

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