Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dunch at People Park

So on Sunday, my fiancé and I went with his Mom to the local park.  We had brats, burgers, chips, and a great time grilling dunch out there!  We brought the dogs along:

JoJo was the least content about being tied up to a picnic table while we ate.
She would talk and talk and talk until she finally gave up and basked in the sun. 
 Dolce would keep an eye out for intruders with his 'border collie stare.'
Rick & I with the pack, exploring. 

 Here's some pretty leaf shots from the trees above us.

 couple pic :)
Me waiting for food with the pac at my feet = happy girl. :) 
It was really fun.  I felt like I belonged to the Salsido family. 
 I decided to feel like a magician and make billowing smoke appear...
from pouring water on the grill thingy.
That's where we were.  Pretty, right?!


  1. That looks like the perfect spot for a picnic to me. I love going and taking the girls with us. Now if the weather will just warm up a smidge!

  2. Oh, it really was perfect! Near everybody, but secluded geographically.

    I hope you get to go soon!

  3. Did you grill extra for training treats? :-)

  4. I enjoy taking the dogs with me when I go places, however they are not always so well mannered. They get each excited and act off of each other. They probably would have taken the chair across the park to get to the food!