Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Corneal Ulcer Saga...

Kibeth's eye is not all better (I didn't think it would be, given how she's been looking and acting).  It is improved over 2 weeks ago, noticeably smaller and even more superficial.  I got some more drops (I can tell I'm running low) and we're going to try a less aggressive medical treatment.  $75 today.

The drops/ointment only exist to prevent infection.  The minimum number of times required to do that is 1 drop 2x a day.  That's what we're going to do.  Every time I treat her eye, she holds it shut, telling me that it bothers her.  I can't imagine having drops and ointment, in some combination, put into my eye for nearly 3 months.  Hopefully, less frequent daily treatments and 1 drop not 2 will be more comfortable for her.  I originally thought she held it shut to block out the light, which causes pain in corneal ulcer patients.  However, if treatment stops (like it did this morning so her eye would be open for the vet) she keeps her eye much more open.  It's not the light.  It's the treatment.

There is healing going on.  There's still blood vessels and inflammation.  It should just be DONE already.  We could meet with an ophthalmologist to ascertain there's not something more going on, but Dr. Driscoll really didn't think that was absolutely necessary.  With the budget very tight from the move, and her eye on the mend, albeit slowly, we have decided to stay the course.  With that decision, I cannot in good conscience allow her to be this mopey from the discomfort, so I got some non-steroidal pain pills in a very low dose for her to take the edge off in the meantime.

Please, God, allow the healing to continue and complete in a more timely fashion.

P.S.  While I was there, I had him feel the lumps on JoJo's leg (it's her right front).  He said they're likely something similar to warts, and totally harmless.  To be thorough, we could examine them and have them removed; but as they're not bothering her and likely nothing to worry about, I saw no value in that.  They're not even all that visible to the eye, you can just feel them if you pet her.  YAY no cancer.

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