Friday, November 5, 2010


I have been trying to find healthy treats that are appealing to the dogs that they can swallow in one gulp while training.  Let's just say, it's been a very tough road.

Zuke's = not interested
NB or Wellness Bites = not interested enough and pricey
Cheese = gassy and messy
Peanut butter = messy

I am just not into hot dogs.  Lots of people rave, but I just can't do it.  Nor am I cook, or willing to cook, to have dog treats.

So, I started up again with trying Nothing In Life Is Free (NILIF) and this morning, it worked great!  I waited until the dogs were super hungry for their breakfast, and then they would have done backflips... for kibble!

I'm so happy.  They're tuckered out, fed, and happy.  Plus, JoJo now knows "leave it," "take it," "shake," "bow," "down," "which hand?," a much more solid "sit," "stay," (sitting and down), the beginnings of "heel" (finish right), and "finish" (finish left).  Kibeth reviewed all the basics, her "shake," and "other paw" tricks, and learned, "finish."  I'm really proud of her.  She flips out when we learn something new, but she got over it much quicker.

Looking at my morning schedules, we can do this every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, perhaps Saturday, and Sunday.  (They get kibble for breakfast only.)



  1. Oh rats. I think I commented but it's not here. Pardon if this is duplicated (delete it, I'm not precious).

    I was wondering about bananas, but figured they'd be messy. And now? Yeah, now I'm going to wonder about this all day.

  2. I know you said you've tried the Wellness bites, but that your Greys are not interested, and the Wellness bites are pricy.

    I recently had some luck with Wellness brand 'Just for Puppy' treats. They are in a small yellow bag, and I paid just $3 or $4 for the bag, instead of the usual $10 for other Wellness treat bags.

    They are small and chewy, and they have a very potent aroma, kind of like beef jerky. Bernie loves them, and even if I stick them in my pocket, he won't leave my sight! He sure smells them, and definitely loves them :-)

  3. Thanks for the thoughts guys! I will definitely consider those puppy bites. The only trouble is introducing new things into their system usually ends in dhiarrea.

  4. Grilled chicken strips are excellent. Already cooked and found in the freezer section... you just have to thaw them.

    Might try a different kind of cheese to see if one doesn't cause gas... I use cheddar, Swiss, string, and monterey jack.

  5. Or try dried lung pieces. Easy to handle and break into little pieces. I like the idea NILIF-my dogs always have do something to get a treat.

    At night to get a cookie they have to do a sit or down or touch or whatever I ask first time. If not another dog gets a chance and the first dog has to watch Consequently they seem to love anything they are offered.