Monday, November 1, 2010

Central Bark

We went do the dog park this afternoon!  Here's some cuteness...

 Me with JoJo & Kibeth
Rick kneeling with Kibeth & JoJo

The girls had a great time playing, smelling, exploring.  No zoomies today, either.  I was disappointed, so was Rick.

 JoJo playing with a shepherd mix.
 JoJo being greeted by a rottie puppy.
 I'm so impressed with this shot.  They're in-step!
Even better, I'm so proud of Kibeth.
Kibeth started out super withdrawn, shy, and uninterested.
Now she's a social butterfly, and appreciates JoJo's company.
 Oh the smells.  They were intoxicating!
 Proof of the social butterflyisms of Kibeth.
She approached this guy from a trot at least 30 feet away.
He really enjoyed treating her to some hip scritches.

I love my hounds.  I'm so proud of them.  The only issue today was when Kibeth put an obnoxious bull dog puppy in his place.  It looked and sounded scary, but she was a good Mom, and the little guy was uninjured, up and being nosey in other dogs' business.  It's also very nice to have someone to go with to the dog park.  Rick is an excellent photographer and travel buddy.  I love sharing these experiences with him, and I think he enjoys the outing, too.

I can't wait to really get into training again!  Perhaps we'll finally get some formal classes in starting in January.  Either way, it hit me that I can only expect another two years from Kibeth.  Where does the time go!?  Gotta take advantage of what we have left.

FYI, Kibeth has a corneal ulcer from a scratch she got on her left eye during our walk the other day.  I met our new California vet, Dr. Driscoll.  He's wonderful, the cost was reasonable, and overall, a very pleasant experience.  Only complaint was the receptionist girl... rather at the end of her capabilities.  Anyway, it'll be about $100 to have the zit thing on Kibeth's right side removed.  I'll probably end up doing it when I'm all set up violin-studio-wise out here.  Oh, and JoJo went along for the ride.  She was very vocal, kind of whiney.  She does that when she's unsure, I think.  Otherwise, she was very well-behaved.

Yay California!  You know you live in a dog-friendly state when a great dane walks into the apple store at a local mall. ;-)


  1. We love going to the local dog park! It takes our girls a while to warm up there, though. They prefer somebody else run first so they can run past them! lol