Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I've finally settled on a set of resolutions (regarding my hounds) for 2010.  They are as follows:

  • I shall always walk my dogs at least a little bit every day (unless it's below 10 degrees outside -- they don't want to go out in that) I'm at my parents' house.  (We already walk at least 4 times a day at my apartment.  I don't know why it's so hard to continue the pattern at home, but the back yard is so much easier and I'm REALLY busy.)
  • We shall always have at least one training session a day.
  • We will enroll in a clicker obedience class.
  • We will become CGC certified.
  • We will become TDI certified.
  • Lindsay will test and pass JoJo on all things necessary for being my psych service dog.
  • We will discover agility and rally obedience.
  • We will go to the park at least once a month over the spring/summer/fall seasons. (Over 40 degrees.)
  • Kibeth will train for obedience competitions.  (Rally-O too?)
  • JoJo will train for agility competitions.
  • I will either make, purchase, or get assistance from Dad in making agility equipment that conforms to competition standards for us to practice on.
  • I will get Ellie (my parents' bc x lab) back to a healthy weight if I have to fight tooth-and-nail, or do it single-handedly.  She WILL be under 50 pounds by 2011!
Future dog goals:
  • Rescue a greyhound puppy straight off the track to raise as my agility star.
  • Foster greyhounds for REGAP.
  • No longer need a service dog.
  • Become more involved with REGAP in helping the greyhound cause.
  • Compete in obedience, rally, and agility for sure.  I don't know about freestyle, but I'd like to try!


  1. Good luck with all those goals... although I really think 30 degrees should be your park temperature limit. I'm supposedly a wuss in GA and I hike in 30 degree temps. :-)

  2. Your dogs are going to have a great 2010! :)