Thursday, January 7, 2010

Giving Back

Due to a very generous donation of a fellow greyhound lover (Never Say Never Greyhounds) I am now given a track to follow regarding my hounds' training.  The clicker obedience class for beginners I was going to take filled up before my application arrived. =(

I am awestruck by this person's generosity, and plan to pay it forward.  She only requested that I make a donation to SEGA (which I plan to do) and/or buy a greyhound puppy calendar or 2 (I will get one to use for wall art).  This won't happen until after my credit card rolls, but that is in the next few days.  However, I saw an ad for the ASPCA the other day, and they said that for just $18 a month, you can sponsor the care of an animal.  I plan to donate $10 a month to REGAP (my local greyhound rescue, where I got JoJo) and $10 a month to Best Friends' Dog Town.  That's totally doable for me, and I hope it makes a difference.  I encourage anyone else to consider something like this.


  1. Best Friends is awesome.

    So is Jennifer's puppy calendar. Lyric and Whisper are heavily featured(as are Lyric's kids). I would suggest buying AT LEAST one.

  2. I ordered a bumper sticker and tote bag today, + a puppy calendar! I can't wait! =D

    And Best Friends is cool, but it's too cool that your hounds are featured in Jennifer's calendar!