Thursday, November 7, 2013

Agility Class Summary 11/13/13

"Zenzi, want to play Agility?"
I'm seriously going to have to do this every week.  This is SO MUCH FUN!  I want to remember it all!  So today, Zenzi and I had a challenge of a course with 12 obstacles.  TWELVE.  Last time, we had 5.


We didn't finish the course today.  But that's okay.  We got over halfway!

Here's the course:

So we made it through 1-8 by the end.  We could have finished it, but we didn't want to push it.  Zenzi isn't totally committing to the obstacles yet, and that particular go was a HUGE improvement over our initial runs, so we stopped there.  Yes, we did all those front crosses rather neatly. :)

Meanwhile, between runs, I'm working with Zenzi on being quiet in her crate while we wait.  She won't just nom on a bully stick in her crate anymore.  She will chew a bully stick waiting on her mat, but she won't stay on her mat through exciting agility goings on, even with a barrier.  It takes almost constant reinforcement now.  I can wait two seconds, I have to reward for every noise, and I can now sit on top of the crate instead of in front of it.  

Laurie keeps saying she's becoming a border collie.  She's becoming less food-driven, and more toy-motivated when we're doing agility.  Food is great for walks, obedience training, trick training... 

Zenzi says,
"Agility = no more foods, Mom."
"Let me TUG something!"

After the coursework, we started PVC box targeting in preparation for contact obstacles (A-frame).  Zenzi already knows how to target a box with her four paws, so we progressed to naming it "Hit It" today.  The box was about 10 feet away, and I would click when she put all four paws in, then toss a treat out and away to the side to restart.

Proud Mama Moments:
  • Ranaye said, "I love watching Zenzi run.  Her tail is beautiful."
  • Laurie said, "Yep, she's [Zenzi's] talented."
  • Zenzi remembered our box work from baby puppyhood!
  • I'm getting better with my cue timing.
  • Deceleration is a cue
  • Maneuvers (lateral step means a gradual turn)
  • Body cues:  shoulders, arms, stance, eyes, mouth/speech

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