Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zenzi's 6th Puppy Class

I'm not really in a blogging mood because I'm terribly hungry and we need to paint, but here's a recap...

  • Auntie Pam came along, and was again AMAZED by Zenzi's focus, attention span, drive, speed, intelligence, adorableness -- you get the idea.
  • Sherry taught again
  • Zenzi remembered Sherry and was instantly fine with offering hand touches for treats and wiggled her little tutu butt.
  • Zenzi was curious about the new members of class:  husky, mini-schnauzer, gordon setter
  • She was also okay with Princess (the papillon) so long as Princess wasn't making contact.
  • Zenzi aced every exercise we did today:  exploring a wooden plank (easy, boring), big books stacked in a staircase, balance balls, speed bumps, and contact guides set 6 in a row to make a tunnel of sorts that the dogs had to walk over the lower beams to get through.
  • Sherry used Zenzi as an example for Leave it -- this girl has the MOST food drive EVER.  She caught on quickly, even though it was a new person, different food, and slightly different method (Zenzi had to leave the treat hand AND give eye contact).
  • Puppy play time was better, though Zenzi was still rather shy and overwhelmed.  She played tug amidst the fray, and even sniffed the shy mini-schnauzer's bum politely.
The new neighborhood walk.

They went from this...

To this...

And finally to this. :)

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