Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zenzi's List of Accomplishments Already

  • Youngest pup to ever get a Novice Trick Dog title.
  • Learned how to go up stairs in 2 tries.
  • Was brave socializing with Coco, the 8 month old pomeranian puppy girl from my Granted Wishes Super K9 class today.
  • Peed outside on-leash on her second walk ever.
  • Only barks to demand something -- isn't reactive to anything or fearful of much.
  • Overcomes shyness quickly, and is becoming bolder and bolder.
  • Has excellent social manners with people and dogs.
  • Has an "all work is play" attitude regardless of distractions and location.  Her attention span is unstoppable and incredible.
  • Zenzi and I did my class' graduation "rally course" in 1 minute, 30 seconds -- the fastest time by far, half the time of the winner today. :)  It goes like this:  begin at start cone 1, loose-leash walk to cone 2; perform sit, down, stand, and loose-leash walk to 3; then front and finish before walking to 4; perform get it, give it or drop it, and leave it for 3 seconds before going to cone 5; the dog must sit or down-stay while the owner walks over the finish; the owner then recalls the dog to perform a go-to-mat.

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