Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kibeth & Dolce Updates

Has been on steroids since last Monday night.  It hasn't been pretty.  The first 2 days she seemed fine.  The 3rd day, though, she peed in the bathroom (I don't think in the nearly 7 years I've had her, she's EVER peed in the house), had to pee every 2 hours, had to wake us up in the night, AND pooped in the house. :( Poor girl.  Now that we've been able to down her dose to just once per day, she's been OK.  She still drinks more than usual, still needs 5 walks instead of 3-4, and is HUNGRY.  She started trembling/shaking slightly tonight... I don't know if that's related or not.  I don't think she was cold justifiably, it was 74º in the house.  She wasn't doing her excited chitter, her whole body was jiggling slightly.
Despite all this, she shows NO improvement.  In fact, I think she's actually gotten a little bit worse -- she won't play as hardily or as long.  A friend told me that when they get down to just two things they love to do, it's time to start thinking about making tough choices.  Kibeth's favorite things list (in order, I think) now looks like this:

  1. Walks, hikes, romps in the park
  2. Playing tug (her version is never letting go), playing with stuffies (diminishing)
  3. Zoomies
  4. Eating/getting treats
  5. Rolling in the sunny grass
I am just at a loss.  She really has started, it seems like this past week, to look like an old dog.  She's lost a lot of muscle mass in her rear end.  It's hard, because I know it only gets worse from here.  We're hoping the steroids can give us a little more time, make her last while here more comfortable... But I don't know if they can. :(

He's made incredible strides since our trip to La Jolla.  I still haven't made a suitable post about that.  Too busy, I suppose.  Rick and I took Dolce to the Sheraton in La Jolla for a weekend getaway (a surprise gift for an early birthday present).  We had a great time, and Dolce was a SUPERstar.  So today was his first Pack walk experience at IDOGS in a while.  How many outbursts?  0.  How many lunges at the other member of the pack walk? 0.  He's made incredible progress this last week or two.  I'm so proud, impressed, and encouraged.

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  1. Aww, I hope Kibeth improves a little... I hate this point. But yay for Dolce! It's nice to see the fruits of your labor! :)