Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dolce does agility!

I made a separate training website that also has a blog.  Visit my posts here.

Today, Dolce and I did our first little mini course!  I made it up in my living room/kitchen area, and we did a loop around my kitchen island.  He had 2 jumps, and a pause table.  We did lead-outs, front-crosses, and "follow the finger" instead of "follow me."  I must say, he's a natural!  I made a fake tunnel as best I could with a dog bed over open drawers between my kitchen cabinets and island.  He showed no hesitation going through that, so I'm optimistic he won't mind a tunnel when the time comes.  I already know he'll jump up on anything I point to, so I'm not too worried about the A-frame or dogwalk.  That just leaves a teeter.  No idea how to replicate that with at-home materials yet.  We shall see!

True to the NILIF system, kibble was the reward for today's activities/training.  A good old fashioned chase-the-stuffy game afterward didn't hurt. :)  The greys also did some jumping.  JoJo is very enthusiastic!  Kibeth is aloof, but willing once she starts to feel left out.

I need to be better about their teeth-brushing.  I'm only getting to it a few times a week.  I swear.  Every. Day. From. Now.  On!

Dolce and I also had a wonderful bike ride this morning.  Tremendous fun, and I think the little guy might actually be tired after all this work!


  1. I think the pix are in this blog somewhere, if you care to look. It was AWFUL.