Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Training Project: Sue Ailsby's 4 Training Levels

I go on and on about these to my dog-loving/owning friends and colleagues.  I just haven't really done them all yet.  So begins our first project:  Conquering all Four Training Levels by Sue Ailsby.

You can view what we'll be working from here.

I will be training both Dolce and Zenzi, but Zenzi is priority.  Dolce is much more "livable" right now, so Ms. Zenzi gets the most work right now.

After we finish the levels, we'll do Rally Obedience.  Concurrently, of course, we will continue our Agility and Herding lessons.  I have ordered the Train 'Em Tasks cards for AKC Novice, Advanced and Excellent levels, and they arrived yesterday.

I also intend to implement a much more vigorous workout regimen for Zenzi.  We will play ball or frisbee at least once daily until she's fully tuckered out.  This will take the edge off her hyperactivity anxiety.  Kind of hard to have self-control if you're jumping out of your own skin with constant cabin fever.

Dolce and Zenzi are working on their territorial barking with the front patio door open.  Using a gentle leader has proved very useful to discourage barking in as positive a way as possible, so I implement that if she doesn't respond immediately to my Enough cue.  I ordered a purple deluxe GL to be as soft as possible.  I bet she looks adorable in it.  I may go back to using it on walks if it doesn't irritate her fur as much as the old nylon one did.  It got stiff when she drooled in it or drank with it on and then it dried out.

I intend to video each level once we've completed the most challenging elements per topic.  Stay tuned!

For now, I leave you with this angelic photo:
Zenzi & Dolce bask in the afternoon sun.
What's remarkable is the fact that this is right in front of the patio door.
They're not at red alert.  They're relaxed.  Yay!
Good pups.

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