Friday, December 30, 2011

Scary Thought

I renewed Kibeth and JoJo's licenses for 3 years yesterday. I have this funny feeling that it's going to be the last time. :(

With these thoughts, my coping method is to plan for the future. I've already decided I want border collies next. I'm doing my research, getting the finances in order to have a house with a yard by then. Dolce, of course, is the inspiration for this change.

Despite joint supplements, Kibeth is finding it harder to get up the 20 steps to our 2nd floor apartment. JoJo is losing weight. Both have significantly diminished energy, despite cooler weather, which perked them up at the end of summer.

Were it not for Dolce, I would be going stir crazy. Much of my work is done from home, and taking an energizing break to train, play, jog, bike, or some combo is a Godsend! I love his energy, zest for life, and immediate willingness to do whatever I want to do. I love how quickly he learns, too. The reactivity is coming along, and we start Rescue Rehab class in January with Sue Myles. Hopefully, this class will provide the final piece(s) to the puzzle.