Monday, May 14, 2012

Schutzhund Dog

So, I need a Companion Love Bug (Dolce), a Sports Dog (border collie), and a Protection Dog (?).

This last episode with our crazy neighbors has me on the fritz.  My anxiety is all over the place.  I started looking into Schutzhund training months ago, out of idle curiosity.  Now, I really want a dog capable of being a superstar in that world.

Does anyone know anything?  I am an absolute novice to this type of work.  I've always envisioned just having a companion, a sports friend.  Never a dog for this kind of work before.

I've read that the best breeds typically chosen for this work are German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Malinois.  I'm most attracted to Malinois physically, and German Shepherds for mannerism.  I guess I can rule out Dobermans, but I don't know much about them except I find them intimidating.  LOL - I suppose that makes them perfect.

German Shepherd

If they have natural ears, they're pretty cute!

Such beauties... Sigh.

ETA:  Dobes are prohibited in my apartment complex.  Go figure.  Stupid breed biases... :(