Friday, June 25, 2010

Cuteness of Today

Queen Kibeth

Ellie & JoJo

The gang chillin'

And the infamous JoJo tongue face

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, hello.  I've been away for a while due to a drastic change in my life.  A guy I met who was my freshman year of college roommate's fiance finally broke up with her, and we've gotten together!  Ricky lives in CA, though, and this long-distance thing is very hard for both of us.  Now that things are settling down, I hope to come back to the intensive dog training scheme I'd been planning on.

The girls will do lots of obedience work, and learn a few tricks.  Kibeth loves to fetch her pink ball outside and her tugger inside, and we're getting some great retrieves and even a few "drop it"s.  JoJo has discovered the wonderful world of stuffies, and plays outside like a maniac with her pheasant.  My hope is to use these fun activities in our training everyday.  I also want them to learn lots of tricks to make them welcome house guests if/when we move out to CA to live with Ricky and his Mom (just until he and I can afford our own place).

Our walks have been dampened (and pretty much haulted) by the heat/humidity.  Neither dog appreciates a very long walk in the hot and humid summers here in MI.  I will try to make evening walks, when it's cooled off a bit, more of a routine in our schedule.  There's no hope of me getting up early when my boyfriend is 3 hours behind, and we usually talk until midnight his time.

My friend's pit bull, Howie, is the first APBT to get his lure coursing title.  Anyone have any experience lure coursing greyhounds?  I'm tempted to give it a try...